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Seeking for visibility among game developers in Finland and beyond? Looking for new talents? Post a job and advertise your company at Games Jobs Finland! All job postings visible instantly at IGDA Finland front page and occasionally also in other separately agreed games related sites or projects.

What is Games Jobs Finland?

Games Jobs Finland is the first games recruitment service in Finland connecting game companies and candidates looking for game job opportunities. For games companies we offer visibility in a channel that is promoted actively in Finland and abroad. Being part of a bigger recruitment consultancy Barona it is possible to get Barona’s whole network into our use. We are also reaching out to rest of the world by using various recruitment channels in games, technology and social media. It is easy to join and promote your company as an active talent seeker. The on-going recruitment cases are naturally on the front page. Let’s get in touch and discuss about cooperation. Please check our contact info and let’s get started!
Job seekers
Are you a beginner or already a seasoned professional with some games under your belt? Looking for job opportunities in the Finnish games industry? Contact us! You can apply directly to one of our client cases or leave an open application for possible further use. Developers – In addition to your CV, please prepare your on-line portfolio including your game work samples (even done as a hobby), published game projects, code samples, art or concepts. All applicants, a portfolio or work samples increase your possibilities to find your dream job in games industry. Leave an open application here.
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