Privacy Policy

The Barona Group (hereafter referred to as Barona) handles the personal data of our customers with respect for their privacy and in compliance with Finnish legislation and data protection best practices.

Purposes of data processing

Barona collects your personal data to ensure that the right employees find the right employers as efficiently as possible. This is why Barona collects information on our employees and those who register as job seekers in our service that supports efforts to employ them and place them in suitable positions. The systematization of information gathering is meant to streamline Barona´s operations and offer our clients faster and better service so that a happy employer also has a happy employee.

Informing the customer

Barona believes in transparency in handling personal data. Barona hopes that all customers carefully familiarize themselves with the Description of the personal data file that contains the controller, the name of the data registry, purposes of processing the data, the data collected, sources of the data, the disclosure policy and the data protection principles.

Acquiring and using the data

Barona´s data processing is always based on data provided by either the customer themselves or the employer company. Barona´s customers have the right to review their data at any point and deny the processing of unnecessary data. Barona only handles personal data necessary for providing the service. Unnecessary or outdated personal data will be disposed of securely.

Barona does not disclose the collected personal data to entities outside its client base unless consent for the service specific data disclosure has been granted. Data is not processed or transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

In conclusion

As Barona´s operations and services develop this statement will also be altered and updated to reflect the current situation. Barona hopes that customers occasionally check back and review the content of the most recent statement.

We kindly ask that you direct any additional questions or comments regarding Barona´s activities as the controller to Marita Pajaste (, who will endeavour to answer them as throughly as possible.