Game Designer LIGHTNEER / Helsinki, Finland

PUBLISHED: January 27, 2021

We are looking for a motivated and experienced Game Designer to join our mobile game studio in Helsinki, Finland.

At Lightneer we produce dozens of original hyper-casual game ideas and develop best to market in just a handful of weeks. You as a designer are able to create and evaluate concepts and ideas quickly, and have a passion for clear core gameplay and design. 

You take responsibility for the vision and game development, create a plan and product backlog and communicate with teams and other stakeholders. You understand key mobile game KPIs and have experience in data-driven decision making. You have knowledge in different monetisation methods such ads and IAPs.

As a key member of our world-class team, you will have the opportunity to make your mark on new fun mobile games played worldwide. You get to work in a dynamic, fun, creative, agile and collaborative environment.


Responsibilities & Main tasks:

  • Ideate innovative hyper-casual game concepts
  • Create clear and concise game design plans, user flows and wireframes
  • Take responsibility for the execution of game projects from early concepts to global launch
  • Work closely with product teams to solve gameplay and design related challenges
  • Incorporate analytics into the design and iteration process
  • Monitor and research mobile game markets to identify trends and opportunities
  • Collaborate with internal teams and external studios to refine and improve design processes
  • Be the seal of quality of our games


Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Experience working in mobile gaming, both developing concepts from scratch as well as operating live games
  • A passion for making simple and user-centric mobile game design
  • Proactive and adaptable, able to respond quickly to shifting priorities and feedback
  • Genuine interest in hyper-casual games
  • Belief in data-driven approach to support and validate intuition
  • Ability to work constructively and collaboratively with teams 
  • Understanding of mobile game monetization
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and supervise multiple projects


Additional as a plus:

  • Experience in creating and managing balanced game systems and economies
  • Experience on designing and running LiveOps
  • Experience in Unity environment
  • Experience in ad networks and mediation


These are some requirements and qualifications which come to our mind regarding the position. First and foremost we are looking for a motivated designer to join the team. 

 If you want you can also add a cover letter, video, portfolio or other supporting documents but they aren’t necessary at this stage.

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