Parties Games Jobs Finland (brand of Barona IT Oy, business ID: 2080757-3), Töölönlahdenkatu 3 B, 00100 Helsinki, Finland; hereinafter “Games Jobs”.
The Client company

  1. 1.Definition ofthe Service 


1.1. The Service refers to a service whereby Games Jobs offers visibility in the recruitment portal for the Client company.   


  1. 2.Responsibilities of contracting parties


2.1. The Client company accepts the usage of their brand identity, logo and any text provided by the Client company to Games Jobs in the recruitment portal. The Client company provides Games Jobs with requested documents (such as but not limited to logo (max size 200*70), other pictorial, introductory text (max length 150 characters) and a link to the Client company website) for the site.   


2.2. Games Jobs shall publish the Client company’s logo, the introductory text and a link to the Client company website in the recruitment portalGames Jobs shall maintain the visibility package on the site for the contract term.  


2.3. The visibility package is unlimited and valid from start date for the following 12-months 


  1. Service content and pricing


3.1. In return of the payment, Games Jobs shall publish the Client company logo, introductory text and a link to the Client company website, to recruitment portal.  


3.2The visibility package is unlimited and valid from start date for the following 12-months. 


3.3. Games Jobs shall invoice the Client company, or the client is paying on-line 1.400 € for the Service provided under this agreement. Payment shall be payable at the signing of this agreement.  


  1. Payment terms


4.1. Payment terms: 7 days. Late payment interest will be charged in accordance with the Interest Act. The effective VAT rate will be added to all prices. 


  1. 5.Confidentiality


5.1. The contracting parties agree to keep confidential the content of the contract and any confidential information they receive during the contract period and not to use the information for any other purpose than to fulfil the duties pertaining to this contract. The obligations under this section shall remain effective after the end of the contract period. 


  1. 6.Force majeure


6.1. Neither party shall be responsible for delays or losses caused by an obstacle that is outside its control, which the contracting party could not have reasonably taken into account at the time of the entry into the agreement, and whose consequences the contracting party could not have reasonably avoided or overcome. 


6.2. The contracting party must inform the other party in writing about the incidence of force majeure and as soon as it has ceased. 


  1. 7.Validity, termination,amendment and transfer of agreement 


7.1. The agreement is valid for a period of 12-months from the date of signing this agreement.  


7.2If the Client neglects its payment obligations or if one of the contracting parties violates the contract terms and conditions in a material way, the other party has the right to cancel the contract with immediate effect. The violating party must be notified of the contract violation in writing before the cancellation. 


7.3. If one of the contracting parties becomes subject to bankruptcy or company reorganisation or it is declared insolvent, the other party has the right to cancel the contract. 


  1. 8.Right to use customer references


8.1 During and after the collaborationGames Jobs has the right to use the Client company’s name and logo as a customer reference for marketing purposes. 


  1. Intellectual property rights


9.1. Game jobs Finland is owned by Barona. Thus Barona owns all the property rights related to the portal without any limitations. The Client Company in turn owns all the rights concerning its trademark and Barona is entitled to use the “brand” of the client company in the scope defined in this agreement. 


Furthermore, Barona has a right to develop the portal according to market needs Barona evaluates essential. The developments can handle with the structure, image or other parts of the portal. 


  1. 10.Jurisdiction


10.1. The contracting parties shall aim to resolve any disputes arising from this contract by negotiation. If agreement cannot be reached through negotiation, the dispute shall be brought before the district court of the domicile of Barona. 


  1. 11.Notifications


11.1. The contracting parties shall submit any notifications and claims related to the contract in writing.