UX Director ROVIO / Helsinki Metropolitan Area

PUBLISHED: September 14, 2020

Rovio’s Battle Studio is all about making games that don’t shy away from mixing RPG and action elements with strategy. As such, the team is working on creating the most approachable 4X game on the market, which is currently in soft launch, while also busily prototyping other types of strategy games behind the scenes. Set up in 2016, the 50-person strong studio has a flat hierarchy, a high level of transparency and open communication. The team is always trying to find ways to improve its projects, tools, communication, and themselves, while keeping the atmosphere friendly, inclusive, respectful and super supportive. With flexible hours, the team are respectful of each other’s time, as well as collectively learning from both mistakes and successes as they grow in numbers and experience. In a nutshell, the team’s mission is to increase the accessibility of the strategy genre by making such games more appealing to a broader audience.
Who’s going to develop the world’s most approachable 4X game? You are. It will be the game that reaches the widest 4X audiences so far. The same approachability goal goes to all of our new strategy games we are building in Rovio’s Battle studio. We believe that great passion is behind the greatest games. Show us your passion and join the dynamic Battle Studio in Helsinki region, Finland.
UX Director is a key leadership role in the Battle studio with the possibility to influence the whole of Rovio Games. You’ll need a mixture of talent, experience and passion in the following key areas:
You have vision. We are looking for a person who can transform the current way of making and presenting strategy games. We need you to combine casual approachability with novelty and strategy game systems depth into a great player journey. Help us define what our audience wants, what creates true emotional connection to the games we make. We aim to make our players think about the game even when they are not playing it.
You are intellectually curious. You absorb new knowledge every day, and see new challenges as learning opportunities. You want to understand human psychology and social dynamics to really tick players intrinsic motivations and needs. We expect you to have strong opinions, but always to engage in fruitful discussions about them.
You will carry the torch of UX and make sure designers, artists and tech are aligned behind your vision. World class UX is the priority of everyone in the team!
When you speak, you speak persuasively, and people will want to listen. You frequently help co-workers focus on the right things, mentor others in design, and push products in order to avoid mistakes and find opportunities. We need someone who wants to develop and grow as a part of a great diverse team, and help create a fantastic culture that makes amazing mobile F2P games.
You’ll enjoy every day if you like creating and executing UX vision for the studio’s strategy games. You will lead the execution of UX by setting creative, technical and commercial goals for the teams, besides continuously learning and improving.


    • Create and communicate UX design drivers, player goals and UX KPIs for the studio and individual games.
    • Drive the development of tools, best practices, processes, techniques and methodologies in the game teams to ensure the craft keeps developing
    • Ability to visualize and communicate designs to the team and stakeholders through storyboards, wireframes, prototypes, screen mock-ups, reference games etc. Document the designs accordingly.
    • Work hands-on with studio priority project(s) and can be embedded on a project depending on project/studio needs. Has the overall ownership of the UX design in a game project they are working on.

Who we think would do great in this role:

    • Excellent understanding of UX as being the key component behind the best games.
    • Solid experience in refining game concepts into comprehensive stories. You know how to break the whole multiyear game experience into parts and re-create it into a riveting story. Perfecting the player journey and pacing keeps you on your toes.
    • Follow the trends and actively play mobile F2P games; hopefully especially strategy games.
    • A breadth and depth of entertainment interests outside of games.
    • We love very hard problems. Hope you do too.
In summary: “Your UX vision will change the way players and the industry think of mobile F2P strategy games. The strategy games you participate in developing aim to become household names.” Look forward to hearing from you and receiving a showcase of your past work!