User Acquisition Analyst

PUBLISHED: September 4, 2019
NEXT GAMES, Helsinki

How and where should we decide to place radio ads for our games? How should we best allocate our marketing budget across the various channels? What is the value of advertising during Super Bowl; and, should we do it?

Did we get your attention? If you are excited to work on answering these questions and a multitude of more, then look no further!

We are looking for a mobile F2P loving, growth minded finance professional to take on the next big challenge:


User Acquisition (UA) Analyst

About the role

  • We’re looking for a great individual to undertake a key role in evaluating the performance of our user acquisition and marketing campaigns, shaping the necessary space for growth and return on marketing spend. You’ll join our very international Business Intelligence team working in Helsinki.
  • We have an opening in which you will work directly with the User Acquisition team advising on the impact (and likely impact!) of marketing campaigns of all sorts.
  • You will drive and establish all necessary predictive models and machine learning in order to contribute additional business intelligence, automation, recommendations and efficiency in decision making into our marketing efforts.

Who we’re after

  • You love numbers, looking at numbers, and answering questions with numbers.
  • You love communicating the results of your analysis – you’re great at letting people know what it is, why it’s important, and what they should take away from your work
  • You love proactively driving your work forward – you’re great at figuring out the questions we should be asking and then making sure these questions get answered, the findings are utilised.
  • You love answering “why” questions and figuring out why it is that people do the things they do: why did one campaign work and another very similar campaign not? why did the number of organic installs increase in country X but not country Y?
  • You love answering “how much” questions, and figuring out how things changed and how things are likely to change in response to other changes: how did the latest cross promotion campaign increase installs in the promoted game? what would be the likely return on investment from advertising in a completely new and novel channel (eg advertising at the Super Bowl)?
  • You love providing advice on your research: to improve player LTV, what early game metrics should be monitored to better target UA?



  • Providing and analyzing metrics on the performance of the games and marketing campaigns
    • Together with key stakeholders, lead the way in defining marketing KPIs, based on best practices but also, and most importantly, breakthrough approaches.
    • Analyse KPIs and provide insights that support the decision-making by the UA team
    • Constantly improve the KPIs to ensure that they are meaningful and usable
    • Ensure regular communication of KPIs to the production teams, maintain an updated summary of current view
  • Providing analytics of the in-game economy and monetization
    • Analyze data and provide insights that help to optimize UA expenditure
  • Implementation of analytics tools, best practices and new ideas
    • Identify the tools which should be used to analyse data and ensure that they are implemented and available to the team
    • Maintain and constantly improve tools, bring new ideas and use best practices that set industry standards
  • Other broader research as comes up
    • Predictive modelling


  • Two-plus years experience analysing problems, identifying constraints and making and prioritising practical recommendations
  • Extensive practical quantitative and statistical analysis experience
    • a degree (BS/MS/PhD) in a quantitative field (operations research, maths, physics, statistics, engineering, economics, etc) helps us assess your skills. But, if you have the skills without a degree in a relevant area, we’d still love to hear from you.
  • Practical experience in a general data analysis language – SQL, Python/R. The more experience the better – the earlier you can get up and running the better
  • Practical and pro-active experience communicating the results of analysis – written, verbal, interpretive dance
    • Clearly communicating with people to help them understand the analysis you have done, why it is important, what are the important parts they need to know to help them with their job, and provide recommendations with convincing arguments is critical
  • Able to own your work, have the ability to identify gaps, prioritise your work and manage your deadlines


We offer you an opportunity to put your skills and knowledge into work with diverse tasks. We value collaboration in our open and inclusive culture and you will get to work with great colleagues from different backgrounds. With us, you will have the opportunity to learn and develop yourself professionally – and have fun while doing it.

Here at Next Games are passionate about our core values – Caring, Curiosity, and Courage – so these should be close to your heart as well. We aim high, and will ask you to do the same. In exchange, you’ll be part of a team that is great to work with, who is dedicated and passionate about what we do – we believe passion is contagious. Giving each Nextgamer the tools and means to succeed in their job is our priority. We believe the fruits of our labor should be shared with everyone at Next Games. We offer the opportunity to work with a great bunch of passionate and dedicated people, a competitive salary and benefits package, and first and foremost a big challenge.


Does this sound like you? Send your CV and cover letter along with your salary request as soon as possible.

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