PUBLISHED: August 11, 2017

In Helsinki, you’ll be using technology like machine learning, micro-services and messaging-based architecture on a scale you won’t see many other places. Essentially, you’ll be doing what Google does on the web (only you’ll be doing it in games). What’s more, your work will have a positive impact.  It will help creators get paid for all their hard work by powering ads in hundreds of thousands of games. And it will give people the option to play for free by putting those ads in front of close to one billion gamers.

We are looking for a new member to join our Infra team in Helsinki, which is responsible for running and ensuring the reliability of the Unity Monetization product. We operate on a strong principles to develop autonomous software which operates our infrastructure: Starting from provisioning virtual machines, setting up service containers, routing cross-service data inside datacenter and ending on complete monitoring to produce a self-healing production environment.

This requires advanced programming to build better tools and software – we are very far from just simply writing bash scripts. We expect you to be an experienced programmer, be able to know networking, deep understanding on Linux and be interested to apply your engineering skills to improve technical operations. We want systems that are automatic, not just automated.

Rather than requiring a specific technology, we value experienced, versatile people with a broad range of projects and solutions under their belt. Also, you should like bad jokes and dogs.

What’s in it for you:

  • Software development in multiple languages: Go, Python, Ruby, Node.JS
  • Develop automated software which manages infrastructure without human intervention on top of Kubernetes.
  • Automate database administration work for databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra and Redis

What it takes:

  • Solid experience in software development using multiple different languages
  • Ability to work with complex architectures, comprising of multiple individual services
  • Strong communication skills in English

Bonus Points

  • Understanding networking, Kubernetes, Linux internals
  • Knowledge of databases such as MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra, PostgreSQL
  • Knowledge of message queues such as Kafka.
  • Able to communicate in Finnish

What you also get

  • A kick-ass environment at the heart of Helsinki
  • Generous health care package and sick child care service
  • Massage every other week and endless usage of a massage chair
  • A music room made for those who are or want to become rock stars
  • Social events, parties and global hack events for tech savvy employees
  • Free rental of PS4 and Xbox consoles and games
  • The chance to play floorball, badminton and table tennis
  • A workplace where opinions are valued, the chance to work with the coolest technologies and an opportunity to be part of changing the mobile gaming industry
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