Senior Game Programmer – Unity

PUBLISHED: March 14, 2017

Critical Force brings eSports to mobile devices via seamless multiplayer technology and uncompromising gameplay. Boasting multiple game projects with millions of downloads worldwide, the company’s goal is to become the global market leader in online competitive shooter games for mobile platforms. Critical Force is the premier game studio in the Kainuu region: the team comprises a mix of budding developers as well as industry veterans, and the company is funded by the South Korean games conglomerate NHN Entertainment.

Job description

Your job will be to take responsibility for the development and technical aspects of Critical Ops and potentially other projects, and making sure they will reach their full potential. You will be acting as a mentor for less experienced developers and help to improve their skills.

Job responsibilities

  • Taking initiative in translating designers’ and artists’ visions into technical implementations of large game systems and features
  • Deciding on the use of external cross-platform libraries or creating custom ones
  • Optimizing games to take full advantage of the target platforms
  • Solving common problems in game architecture and development environment
  • Managing the codebase and keeping it clean
  • Leading, guiding and inspiring other programmers


  • 2+ years of work experience with Unity
  • 5+ years of programming work experience
  • Experience with cross-platform and mobile game development
  • Knowledge of technical architecture of games, code design and programming principles, patterns, and best practices
  • Experience in development environments of large scale projects, automation, asset pipelines
  • Understanding of 3D graphics pipelines and Android & iOS hardware limitations
  • Experience with game networking, backend communications and security

What we offer

  • Competitive salary
  • Company device and state-of-the-art development tools

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