Senior Game Developer (Puzzle Studio)

PUBLISHED: November 13, 2017
ROVIO, Espoo

Welcome to Rovio!

We are looking for some kick-ass game developers to join our successful Puzzle Studio in Espoo, Finland.

Rovio’s Puzzle Studio is the established and passionate team behind the successful Angry Birds Pop, Angry Birds Blast and newly launched and soaring Angry Birds Match. Our vision is to reinvent the puzzle category by creating games where time to fun is measured in seconds, but that will turn into years long hobbies with deep and immersive meta games and dynamic social gameplay. We are a team first organization where you’ll find openness, candid feedback and a shared ambition to succeed to be at the very core of our DNA as a studio. True to the Nordic culture we pride ourselves in real life/work balance and strongly support personal growth and hunger for learning.

This is a senior role in the studio, and while we are more than happy to help diverse candidates make the step up, you will need some mixture of experience, aptitude and passion in three key areas.

You are intellectually curious. You absorb new knowledge every day, and see new challenges as learning opportunities. You share our passion to take the casual social gaming to next level by providing deeper gameplay experiences. You are player-focused, number savvy: your left brain loves numbers, your right brain can find creative uses for them, but your whole brain loves gaming. You have a natural inclination towards critical thinking and problem-solving.

You are to the point. Your verbal and written communications are crisp and clear; your best work comes from a place of collaboration and teamwork, and you know that quality results come from sharing your work and perspective with others throughout the design process. We expect you to have strong opinions, but always to engage in fruitful discussions about them.

You continuously improve yourself and people around you. When you speak, you speak persuasively, and people want to listen; you frequently help co-workers focus on the right things, mentor others in programming practices and push products in order to avoid mistakes and find opportunities. We want someone who wants to develop and grow as a big part of a great, diverse team and help create a fantastic culture that makes amazing mobile F2P games.

You’ll fit in our flock if you want to:

  • Design overall game architecture for game
  • Design, implement and test game features together with other game programmers in the team
  • Work together with server programmers to ensure seamless integration with backend
  • Optimize the game to run smoothly on mobile platforms
  • Participate in prototyping new game concepts
  • Work as a team with other developers, designers and artists

We’d love you to have these feathers in your cap:

  • Minimum 8 years of commercial game programming experience with at least 2 years as a team lead
  • Minimum 3 years of game development experience with Unity
  • Strong programming skills with C# and preferably also C++
  • Experience with debugging, profiling and performance optimizations
  • Broad knowledge of game architecture and technologies
  • Good understanding of mobile platforms and hardware
  • Experience with F2P games both as a developer and a player
  • Analytical problem solving skills

We’re looking for team members who bring their own creative vision to everything they do, and we have an environment that supports that.

If this describes you, this is a great opportunity to work in a fun and creative environment with skilled coworkers, contribute to fun new products, and expose your work to a huge global audience.

Send your application over now – we look forward to hearing from you!

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