Senior Backend Engineer MAINFRAME INDUSTRIES / Helsinki/Reykjavik/Paris/remote

PUBLISHED: January 24, 2024

We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer for our team to develop Pax Dei, a social sandbox MMO. Your role is to take part in designing and implementing services to support game features, new data models and persistence of game data, with performance and scalability in mind. 

Do you want to take part in creating the game of a lifetime?

At Mainframe, we are building Pax Dei: a social sandbox MMO, a living world where myths are real, ghosts exist, and magic is unquestioned. A world that players worldwide will call their home and where they will craft their stories for years to come.  

Your mission: 

Would you like to push your limits as a Developer? Do you want to try out something never seen before! Your role is to take part in designing and implementing services to support game features, new data models and persistence of game data, with performance and scalability in mind. You will be joining a team of experienced backend engineers, infrastructure engineers, game developers, designers and data scientists in building the game of a lifetime.

Your responsibilities:

You will join a team responsible for designing, building and maintaining the backend services of our game. You will be creating APIs that other developers and teams will use. Your duties will include architecting new features, designing data structures and data storage and improving the performance and scalability of existing functionality.

You will strive for high quality of code, adhering to and improving our testing standards, automation, and code reviews.

Some success indicators for your role:

  • You are experienced in API development and creating backend services. 
  • You know your way around databases, designing database schemas that work for a given access pattern for storing and querying data. Our current databases include Postgres and Redis.
  • Your preferred languages are Python, Golang and/or Rust and you have extensive experience using at least one of them.
  • You have worked with asynchronous systems using message buses and queues to improve reliability and scalability. We use Apache Pulsar for messaging, but experience with Kafka, Kinesis, or RabbitMQ will be an asset.
  • You have knowledge of modern cloud technologies, containers and databases. We currently run our stack on top of Kubernetes clusters in AWS.
  • Prior experience in games development is a bonus, but not a requirement. Your favorite game is making scalable and efficient backend services.

What is in it for you: 

Our Framework team consists of experts that are responsible for the implementation of our core systems throughout the whole tech stack. We are laying the foundations for other teams to do feature development on top. We maintain a larger understanding of the whole tech stack including both the game client, server and backend architecture. 

You will join in on exciting times as our MMO starts to breathe life!  During Pax Dei Early Access – planned for Spring 2024 – we are also learning from our players and developing new features. Working on a live game implies that you won’t have to keep everything you are working on secret and, most importantly, that you’ll have data and feedback about the features you work on shortly after their implementation.

Our team members are ambitious, approachable, kind, caring, and always ready to improve our ways of working together to bring life to Pax Dei and make our community’s satisfaction our priority. We are a small team working on a challenging project, and, for us, every team member counts; as such, we value transparency in our communication and decision-making processes.

Location and work:

You will join our team and your role is preferably based in our offices in Finland or in Iceland. We are open to discussing remote work but we prefer to stay in the time zones between Helsinki and Reykjavik.

How to apply: 

We are happy to hear from you ASAP! Please feel free to reach out to us and tell us about yourself and about your experiences by submitting your application directly to our recruitment tool. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 

About Mainframe:

We are a pan-Nordic start-up founded in 2019 by gaming industry veterans. We are working on a project we love – Pax Dei – an ambitious social sandbox MMO, accessible on any screen and offering new ways of playing with our friends.

We have a human-friendly, equal-opportunity workplace that values collaboration, independence, and empathy.

We have offices in Helsinki, Reykjavik, and Paris, but we work where we are most productive, and for many of us, that means remotely from home. All our offices are centrally located, and we offer you top-of-the-line work conditions wherever you work.

You can find more info on Mainframe Industries on our website / 

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