React Native Programmer 10TH MUSE / Helsinki

PUBLISHED: November 10, 2020

10th Muse is a Helsinki based startup working on Sana Stories, a mobile app for reading and writing interactive text stories. We focus on romance and erotica for an adult female audience. We are approaching seed round, and aiming to raise it in Q2 2021. This is the perfect time to jump in: The core idea has been proven, and now focusing on adding new features, improving the numbers and iterating fast. Team members that join before seed round will get their share of the initial option pool, an exciting future with a highly promising app and an efficient core team to work with!

What we are looking for:

  • A front-end developer with great skills in React Native
  • Experience with app or game development for iOS and Android
  • Quick learning skills
  • A “Can do” attitude!
  • Ability to ask questions and communicate fast

What we offer:

  • A promising company on a fairly untapped and hyped market of romantic reading for adult women (See eg. Radish A-round 64$ million)
  • Unique app idea to work with: Sana Writing Tool, interactive reading, revolutionary author payment systems
  • Highly data driven, focused and iterative processes: We only do the things that lead us towards the bigger goals
  • Responsible position and lots of ownership
  • Full-time position (2 days per week at the office, 3 days remotely)
  • Stock options from the initial pre-seed option pool
  • A nice office with lots of books and tea/coffee at Maria01 startup hub in Helsinki
  • A great, diverse team to work with!
  • Access to great mentors via our investors and networks
  • Working with a very senior React Native programmer in a programming team of two

To apply, please send me an email to or send a private message to know more!