QA Engineer

PUBLISHED: January 28, 2019
ZYNGA, Helsinki

Zynga is looking for a QA Engineer to join the Helsinki Studio and be part of an exciting new mobile game. The role offers an opportunity to work with a very senior team to create the next success story in mobile gaming. We look for a candidate who is a great cultural fit, cares about quality control and has a drive to create the best possible experience for the players. You are ambitious, intelligent, and intellectually curious.

You are a self-disciplined problem-solver, who is respectful and straightforward with all your colleagues. You are trusting and trusted, flexible and emotionally mature, and you thrive on working with people who share these values. You work as part of a team, supporting and supported by your teammates.

As QA Engineer, you’ll already have confidence in your core skills whilst being aware of where you can grow. You know what you can offer the team, and you are keen to learn and develop new skills as you face new challenges.

The QA Engineer has QA, technical and project expertise, and works to drive and support quality. They plan and execute tests that build confidence and reduce risk. They support high priority features whilst ensuring timely delivery. They communicate issues with efficiency and clarity. The QA Engineer understands client/server relationships and other key architecture concepts.


  • Works with outsource QA teams to achieve best possible results, including creating documentation, mentoring where appropriate and fielding questions
  • Works as part of an embedded QA team, alongside engineers, artists and designers as well as external testers
  • Speaks as QA representative with production, engineering, design and partner teams
  • Will be delegated areas of QA that require independent analysis to assess potential test approaches
  • Executes tests on an ad-hoc basis as required by the development team
  • Assists in trialling experiments and initiatives that come out of global QA meetings
  • Contributes toward test suite maintenance and creation, including reviewing existing test cases
  • Assists in the tracking of quality metrics to continuously assess and refine working processes and practice. Speaks up if they think change is needed.
  • Proposes additional debug functionality and other tooling support that would support and empower QA.
  • Investigates prospective tools and evaluates what they can offer. Skill shares with peers for any tool that is adopted.
  • Highlights past mistakes in a constructive way, and collaborates to understand the why then work to improve for the future. Where necessary shares improvements with other teams.
  • Helps ensure a positive, professional and collaborative team environment is maintained within and between disciplines and teams.


  • Experienced tester who can design their own tests and iterate on them
  • Understanding of QA processes and testing terminology
  • Familiarity with mobile software / games development lifecycles and methodology
  • Understanding of client/server testing and importance of metadata
  • Familiar with source control solutions such as GIT, perforce or SVN
  • Familiar with JIRA (experience with dashboards, custom filters and JQL a plus)
  • Good communication skills including in cross-discipline conversations
  • Ability to work closely with production teams
  • Ability to estimate and manage own time
  • Ability to perform risk and root cause analysis
  • Experience creating QA documentation
  • Experience reviewing and writing test cases, and providing feedback to peers
  • Understanding of the mobile market and the challenges of mobile hardware
  • Experience creating QA reports, considering audience, frequency, design, delivery method or other factors
  • Genuine enthusiasm and desire to learn


  • Experience working in Agile environments
  • Experience in live operations
  • Familiarity with development tools such as Unity or Unreal, Xcode, the Android SDK, etc
  • Experience working with best practise groups or central QA structures
  • Experience working with outsource teams


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