PvE Gameplay Programmer MAINFRAME INDUSTRIES / Helsinki / Reykjavik / Paris

PUBLISHED: March 17, 2022

Do you want to take part in creating the game of a lifetime?

At Mainframe we are building a living world that people will call their home for years and hopefully decades. This world lives in the cloud and will through the years of its operations, become the setting for complex social drama that involves potentially millions of people around the clock and around the world.

Your mission and responsibilities:

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be an essential part of the game development team at Mainframe, developing a yet to be announced cloud native MMO game. You will implement systems for AI behaviors and PvE encounters, working closely with the design team to create a robust and scalable foundation for PvE gameplay and future content.

  • You will help build the technical infrastructure for PvE gameplay and encounters including AI pathfinding, NPC physics, encounter and NPC spawning and AI behaviors.
  • You will create authoring pipeline for encounters and NPCs and modularize PvE content authoring to scale the solutions from Outcome 1 to suit MMO game world scale and gameplay.
  • You will evaluate Mass AI as low level solution for large scale NPC/AI handling and GOAP AI as high level decision making solution for AI.

Your role is based preferably in Finland, Iceland or France, where we have our offices. We are open to discussing remote work but, we prefer to stay in the time zones between Helsinki and Reykjavik. We believe in good work-life balance and working where you are most productive.

Some success indicators for your role:

  • You have a strong understanding of pathfinding solutions and you can implement an efficient pathfinding system that works with dynamic environments using Unreal Engine.
  • You are familiar with AI behavior trees and you can implement data driven modular AI behaviors.
  • You feel comfortable working together with multiple stakeholders, understandinging their needs and you communicate your solutions well.

About Mainframe:

We have a human-friendly, equal-opportunity workplace that values collaboration, independence, and empathy.

We have our main offices in Reykjavik and Helsinki. Both our offices are centrally located and we offer you top of the line work conditions wherever you work.

We are a well funded pan-Nordic start-up founded in 2019. We are working on a project we love. Joining us now is an opportunity to make an impact on the game we develop and the company culture very early on.