Senior Engine Programmer HOUSEMARQUE / Helsinki, Finland

PUBLISHED: September 27, 2022

We are looking for a Senior Engine Programmer for our next big game!


As a Senior Engine Programmer among other talented and passionate programmers you will work closely with designers and artists to help drive the next evolution of Housemarque games.

It will be your role to provide efficient and maintainable solutions in the game engine to enable vital game functionality, to help others understand and use your solutions, and to keep an agile mindset when working with your team.

Examples of things you’d be doing on a typical work day

On a typical day as an Engine Programmer at Housemarque, you will be working on some major engine features that are needed for a core element of our next game. You will collaborate closely with our designers and discuss their needs while advising on what is feasible to implement. We like to engage team members in the work assigned to them so you would be involved in the work planning along with others on your team. We work in a very collaborative manner so asking and providing support is natural to us.

We consider code reviews to be central in sharing knowledge of systems and keeping the quality up, so you will get regular opportunities to review your team members’ code and get a second pair of eyes on your own code. Then, if an engine related bug is blocking production, which could happen for a variety of reasons, you get to be part of the process of dealing with that. During the work day you have the opportunity to socialize with colleagues for example over lunch in any of the multiple lunch restaurants that downtown Helsinki can offer.

What will help you to be successful in this role?

  • 5+ years of related professional experience
  • Previous experience with Unreal Engine or another complex interactive software system
  • Ability to dive into a large existing codebase
  • Strong multithreading experience and skills
  • Strong C++ knowledge
  • Ability to help others understand complex technical systems on a sufficient level
  • Ability to converse, text chat, and read and write documentation in English
  • Ability to plan and share work
  • Curiosity and a humble mind
  • Professional interest in video games

Our Studio

At Housemarque, we believe “Game is King!” because gameplay always comes first.

With technical excellence and compelling narrative, spiced with our trademark neon flair and top-notch audiovisual feedback, we want our players to always feel actively engaged with the worlds we have created for them.

Our latest award-winning game Returnal, released on PS5 in 2021, embraces all these qualities. THIS is our DNA!

We value Nordic work-life balance by growing sustainably and ensuring our employees have the time and means to develop personally and professionally during work time.

We were established in 1995 with strong roots in the Finnish demoscene. In June 2021 we joined the PlayStation Studios, after years of partnership.

If you wish to join us for our next journey, apply today!

What do we offer to you?

  • Competitive salary, benefits, healthcare, Nordic work-life balance
  • Tailored immigration and relocation package to help you get settled into Finland
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere at our cozy Helsinki office
  • Freedom, flexibility and openness in a collaborative culture
  • Brilliant, diverse and empathetic colleagues to work with
  • Exciting and ambitious projects executed with the best tools
  • Access to PlayStation Studios collaboration, games and more!

This is a permanent, full-time position based in Helsinki, Finland. 

We will start interviewing promising candidates immediately so please apply as soon as possible.