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PUBLISHED: June 12, 2019
HOUSEMARQUE, Helsinki, Finland

Housemarque is looking for a VFX Artist for an unannounced AAA project!


Housemarque has a track record of 20+ years of developing top-notch games with focus on tight gameplay, impeccable audiovisual execution, and technical excellence.

We think we are a perfect workplace for talented people with interest in self-development and passion for games. We are working on exceptional new projects and we want you to play a part in making them happen.

Our company’s purpose is to:

  • Be a great workplace, where people can develop professionally and as a person
  • Develop great games that bring joy & happiness to gamers and our fans

We offer:

  • Exciting and ambitious projects executed with the best tools
  • Over two decades of experience in video game development
  • Brilliant, diverse and empathetic colleagues to work with
  • Freedom, flexibility and openness in a collaborative culture
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere at our cozy Helsinki office
  • Competitive salary, benefits, healthcare, Nordic work-life balance
  • Tailored relocation package to help you get settled into Finland


We’re looking for a VFX Artist to join our award-winning VFX team. Whether you’re a rising talent or a seasoned veteran, the role will be tailored for you. We expect you to hit the ground running but also make sure you have the tools and support to be successful. You will be working with top industry professionals and making Housemarque’s most ambitious and exciting game to this day.

At Housemarque we use proprietary tech for creating visual effects. In addition to that, we use Houdini for pre-rendered elements. VFX artist’s role is to create those pre-rendered elements such as smoke, fire, debris, explosions etc.


  • Prior knowledge of some 3D graphics application such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D or Houdini
  • Ability to create realistic VFX elements (smoke, fire, liquids) with that particular application and a portfolio to showcase your skills
  • Willingness to migrate to Houdini (we’ll help you with that)
  • Willingness to learn programming/scripting (we’ll help you with that as well)
  • General interest in computer graphics


  • Any prior programming experience is considered a plus. Whether it’s shell scripting, BASIC, Python, JavaScript or anything, be sure to mention it in your cv.
  • Some knowledge of elementary mathematics related to computer graphics (vectors, trigonometric functions etc.)
  • Experience with Unreal Engine or similar
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