PUBLISHED: January 4, 2018
HOUSEMARQUE, Helsinki, Finland

Housemarque is looking for an Animator!


Housemarque has a track record of 20+ years of developing top-notch games with focus on tight gameplay, impeccable audiovisual execution, and technical excellence.

We think we are a perfect workplace for talented people with interest in self-development and passion for games. We are working on exceptional unannounced projects and we want you to play a part in making them happen.

Our company’s purpose is to:

  • Be a great workplace, where people can develop professionally and as a person as well
  • Develop games that bring joy and happiness to our gamers and fans

We offer:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • A job with flexibility, responsibility and challenge
  • All the help you need with relocation if you are moving to Finland from abroad
  • Cool place to work with highly skilled professionals and fellow gamers
  • A workplace that takes cares of the employees and gives them the opportunity to develop and flourish both professionally and as a person



As an Animator your responsibility is to be in charge of the animating, the rigging and implementing of animations in the state machine driven animation system. You will also need to be proactive and capable of handling pressure, as well as being able to work independently, if needed. As our motto is “Game is King”, you need to have a solid understanding how animation can serve the gameplay.

The tasks for an Animator at Housemarque can vary all the way from animating humans to weird alien lifeforms and everything in-between, from gameplay animation to cutscenes. Housemarque has developed a greatly varying catalogue of games, which reflects directly to the opportunities for expressing oneself.


  • At least 2 years of experience as an animator in a current generation console or a PC game project or at least one shipped title for any of the following platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, PC
  • Experience in working with animation trees
  • Strong skills in at least one major animation software, but experience in Maya is preferred
  • Strong keyframing skills – ability to produce high quality animation in the given time frame
  • Strong understanding of gameplay animation restrictions and needs – understanding the gameplay first mentality
  • Strong understanding of human locomotion
  • Able to rig and skin on a game production level
  • Solid understanding of quality meets productivity
  • Proactive – able to work as an own unit, if needed
  • Ability to draw down animation ideas, rough storyboards and thumbnails
  • Good communication skills. You gather and share information, and tackle day-to-day problems with efficient face-to-face communication
  • Fluent spoken and written English
  • Not afraid of challenge and responsibility


  • Art degree (BA, MA, etc.)
  • 2D animation skills
  • 3D modeling skills
  • Understanding of quadruped animal locomotion
  • Mocap experience
  • Experience in cutscene related tasks
  • Facial rigging and animation experience
  • Directing and/or storytelling skills
  • Game hobby projects and game jam participations
  • Knowledge of any other game development skills


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