Games Job Fair Spring 2024 LITE GAMES JOBS FINLAND / online/ onsite Helsinki

PUBLISHED: March 18, 2024

Games Job Fair Spring 2024 LITE Helps You Keep Up With the Changing Job Market

The games industry is in dire need of a reform, and job seeking talent has to adapt and evolve faster than ever. With a free entry and a dedicated career day in Helsinki, Games Job Fair Spring 2024 LITE is arriving on April 18-19, bringing great talks and challenges, new opportunities, and your chance to have your CV and portfolio reviewed by top recruiters, including yours truly, Arja Martikainen.

Event Highlights

🎮 Top online presentations
💬 Networking with games studios

💼 New job opportunities

💻 Visibility-boosting Challenges

📔 Onsite CV/Portfolio Reviews by studio recruiters

CV and Portfolio Reviews at Innovation Home, Helsinki

On April 19th from 11:00 – 16:00, onsite participants joining the day in Helsinki will get to have their CVs reviewed by recruiters from Noice, Housemarque, Nitro Games, Varjo, and more. 

Games Jobs Finland is offering our services as well. Arja Martikainen will be there onsite to help talents better prepare for the battle called job hunting, so that these scary times become easier to navigate and succeed through.

The art portfolio reviews will be done by Ivan Lugovoy, Senior Game Artist at Rovio. 

All you need to do is register your presence on this Eventbrite, and be there on time at 11:00 on the 19th of April. The queue for this day will work on a first come, first served basis, so don’t be late and risk missing out. 

April 18th – Online on LinkedIn Live + Discord

The online LinkedIn Live broadcast will take place on the Games Factory Talents LinkedIn page and will include a chat with studio representatives and speakers on the GFT Discord server, so join up and verify your account there in preparation. Be sure to also hit Attend on the LinkedIn event page and add the event to your calendars so you don’t miss out. 

Unity and Sloyd Challenges

 There are new challenges arriving for Games Job Fair Spring 2024 LITE, starting with the Unity Programming Challenge. The Unity Challenge Code Review will also be taking place during the LinkedIn Live, as Thomas Winkley will once again be joining the event as a judge and speaker. Autumn’s Sloyd-in-a-Ball snow globe challenge at Games Job Fair Autumn 2023 was very well liked, so there will be a brand new Sloyd challenge and prizes. Keep an eye on the GFT website and socials for more information and updates.

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