Game Designer PAPUKAYA / Helsinki

PUBLISHED: June 11, 2021

We’re on the look out for a talented, driven, innovative and well-rounded Game Designer to join us on a journey to the hearts of new audiences – including people who don’t identify as gamers. You’ll be at the forefront of our first game, in charge of combining the best of storytelling with free-to-play mechanics. You’ll also have a big impact on our small independent team, as well as on our unique company culture that values fresh and bold ideas that can stand out in the market and be truly appealing to a wide audience.

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Deliver high quality designs for our very first game.
  • Design, balance and monitor game progression, as well as game economy systems.
  • Work alongside a writer to combine great storytelling with F2P mechanics.
  • Ensure the game’s overall experience is fun, engaging, innovative and long-lasting.
  • Actively communicate with the team to collect feedback, ideas and make sure everyone is on the same page.
  • Be the go-to person for any question about a new feature, existing design, or an event going on in the game.
  • Run regular user playtests.

What we wish to see from you

  • Experience in game design, game systems, and balancing game economies from shipped games.
  • Full development cycle experience, from pitching & prototyping, to launch and beyond.
  • A clear understanding of free to play games and how their game economies work.
  • Experience with or desire to explore story-driven gameplay.
  • You can create and present game concepts clearly.
  • You think outside of the box.
  • You are genuinely motivated by understanding and serving the needs of players who don’t identify as gamers.
  • You are ambitious, self-motivated, a quick learner and a collaborative problem-solver.
  • You have excellent communication skills and can inspire others to excellence.
  • You are a supportive team-player and enjoy working in small, independent, multi-disciplinary and diverse teams.
  • You actively seek feedback from your teammates.
  • You want to challenge the definition of what games can be.

Benefits from working with us

  • Competitive salary, opportunity to become a shareholder.
  • Help shape a new startup with long-term secured funding.
  • Make your mark on our games and players’ lives.
  • Work alongside a small empowered team that is ambitious, creative and fast-moving, in a supportive, collaborative and fun environment.
  • Interesting challenges with great room for learning and growth, no matter how experienced you are.
  • Relocation support to Helsinki.

Who we are

We are a new mobile games startup aspiring to make long-lasting and meaningful game experiences for new audiences.

Our goal is to make games for unserved audiences that make a positive and long-lasting impact on players’ lives. Games that expand our understanding of gaming by drawing inspiration from anything that people spend a lot of time with. Games that are not only about competing or your gaming skills, but instead about real values and needs we all have as humans. Games that feel more like a place, a hobby or a companion that makes players smile and come back to them.

We have something cooking up that we are very excited about, and are now looking for talent who have the ambition, creativity and skills to develop our ideas further. We’re looking for talent who share our ambition and complete our core team.

Papukaya was founded in September 2020 by Drussila Hollanda & Johannes Ahvenniemi – two gaming veterans with success and learnings from companies like Supercell, Rovio and Seriously. Papukaya has all the benefits of a startup: we’re moving fast, learning fast and iterating as we go but with Supercell’s backing, we have a longer runway that enables us to think long-term, take bigger risks and make sure millions of people will see our games!