Full-stack developer VALO MOTION / Espoo

PUBLISHED: February 19, 2021

Valo Motion is a game development and hardware manufacturing company from Espoo,
Finland. We are a global provider of active games that move tens of thousands of people daily
in 55+ countries. Our highly successful current products, ValoClimb and ValoJump, uniquely
combine sport and games into a seamless experience so fun that you forget you’re even
exercising. Our products have revolutionized how the amusement and activity park industry
looks at combining sports and games.

We are looking for a Full-stack developer to join our team to develop the web infrastructure for
our active game products.

Valo Motion’s products have been shipped in over 55 countries all over the world. They all
communicate with our server through which we can provide new game updates, statistics and
automation to the customers. We provide a web portal to our customers that help them ensure
they get the most value out of their product. We also provide a web service to the players, who
can, for example get their gameplay videos and scores through the service and share them to
their friends.

Our ecosystem for active games is always growing and an efficient and scalable web
infrastructure is crucial to enable it. As a Full-stack Developer at Valo Motion, you will be
working as part of a team to bring our web infrastructure to the next level.
Valo Motion offers job possibilities that allow working with larger concepts, platforms and full
games. Having full control over our own product platforms and remote software deployment
ensures that the games that we develop will end up to players. We provide a possibility for
challenging and inspiring work with unique products that make a difference in the world by
making people active. Valo Motion is looking for a Full-stack developer to join our family of
enthusiasts who want to provide joy and thrill of movement to players around the globe.

● Improving and developing new features for Valo Motion’s web platform
● Working vertically on Valo Motion’s web, mobile and game ecosystem
● Ensuring quality with unit and integration tests
● Web development with Ruby on Rails and ReactJS
● Web-app deployment on mobile

Skills required:
● Experience with the entire web development stack
● Good knowledge of Ruby on Rails
● Javascript and Javascript libraries (jQuery, React, Angular)
● Good communication skills
● Knowledge of unit/integration testing

● Knowledge of mobile app development
● Experience with NoSQL databases
● Experience with Ionic React
● Experience with Bootstrap
● Web API development
● Knowledge of UI/UX design
● DevOps experience

Do you see yourself joining our Valo Motion family?

To apply, please send us your CV, application letter and other information relevant to the
position, such as your portfolio. Please note this position requires commuting to our offices in
Espoo. The position will be filled as soon as a suitable applicant is found.