Game Designer DODREAMS / Helsinki

PUBLISHED: June 12, 2022

Do you daydream about design? Break down game systems in your head when playing? Grasp what folks get out of games? Have wild visions of wireframes to deliver fantastic free-to-play games to them?

If you recognise yourself in these questions, you may be exactly the person we’re looking for!

We’re on a mission to find a Game Designer to help us further develop our live Drive Ahead! game. With our large and active audience, and massive flow of daily new users, we offer the best opportunity for you to learn and have impact.

In this role, you’ll be responsible for the overall game experience, designing new features, as well as figuring out fun and ergonomicUX. As a part of our Team Dreamweavers, you’ll design and develop best-in-class mobile game experiences and F2P systems. In addition, you’ll play a key part in the development cycle of new cool additions to our games – from idea, to prototype to eventually being shipped out to millions of loyal fans.


Think of the live game as a canvas, but what we paint inside as game modes are practically new games connected to a shared meta of power and fame.

This is what we need your superior F2P design skills for:

  • Work on all aspects of the game, including game flow, core mechanics, UX, metagame design and balance and monetization
  • Create game design based on our business goals and motivations of current fans
  • Document your designs, and communicate them clearly to artists, programmers, and fellow game designers
  • Define the design direction of our products and oversee the implementation
  • Coach team members in game design philosophy and the psychology of buying

And this is what we’re hoping you’ve already checked off your bucket list:

  • 3+ years of game design experience, genuine interest in F2P and mobile games
  • Commercial experience working on F2P mobile games with proven success
  • Tons of learnings under your belt from shipping games to live users
  • Experience in designing new game features and creating well-balanced game systems
  • Understanding of the psychology that gets people to play and pay in games
  • Participation in communities and understanding of what role online video has in gaming
  • Being considered an all-round great person by your colleagues
  • Fluency in English, with strong communication skills

The position is full-time and based smack dab in the coolest area of Helsinki – Teurastamo. We have a hybrid way of working. You choose what is the best way to get the job done – considering your tasks at hand, your team’s sprint phase, and the goals of our studio. You should be located so that it’s convenient for you to visit the office periodically. Unfortunately we cannot consider candidates looking for a fully remote position.

About Dodreams

We do More than Games. We Do Dreams… and ride tanks!

We’re on a mission to craft shared moments of thrill. Our games offer outrageous fun with friends. They’re hobbies you master and share with pride in our video community. Disposable entertainment or competition against faceless strangers is simply not our thing.

We’re the makers of Drive Ahead! – the best of Head-to-Head Battlers. Our vision is to be the best in humor and fun. Buckle up and strap your helmet over your eyes to enter the gladiatorial racing arena. The brakes have been greased, your tank is full of rocket fuel, and your co-driver is… a cow.

This wacky premise of hitting friends on the head with a car has taken us to over 160 million organic downloads. Thanks to our active community of 1.5 million fans, we’re still speeding up. Our roadmap offers challenges in the most exciting areas of the industry: real-time online gaming, streaming, self-expression, and deep social meta.

Learning and impact are the foundations of our culture. We spend 3-4 days a month on individual and team rapid learning and hackathons. Reach your full potential in your craft, and ship games defining quality entertainment and how it’s done.

Founded in 2008, our goal is to have as much fun making games as playing them. We’re based in Helsinki, and it really is a blast working together. But we also support working remotely.

In addition to a salary, we support setting up a home office if needed and offer a comprehensive health care plan, flexible working hours, and employee development programs and activities.

How to Apply
Got questions or want to apply? Shoot an email to our Head of Studio Sami Lahtinen. We’d love to see what you’ve done previously with games at work or as a hobby, so please share links or a portfolio. We’ll start interviewing interesting folks as applications come in. We hope to hear from you by July 17, 2021.