Cloud Engineer (GCP) MUSOPIA / Helsinki, remote

PUBLISHED: April 15, 2021

How about a backstage pass to the music industry? Would you like to influence how people play music?

Will you be the backbone of our central Firebase & Google Cloud operations? Musopia is looking for you – Cloud Engineer to strengthen our development team. You are a hands-on Cloud professional that is capable of firmly running your area of expertise. We are currently working with quite established stack including Google Cloud, Firebase, SQL, BigQuery, Vimeo, Nodejs, AppsFlyer, Unity3D/C# and Git. We value diversity and your desire to learn beyond specific tools and technologies.

You will be a key player overseeing and developing our cloud architecture in general. Taking part in technology choices, modularity, analytics, security, and quality of service.  In addition to interesting business areas, you will also get to work with a modern data stack, technologies, and analytical methods. Is this music to your ears – would you like to hear more?


  • Design and development of the server-side architecture in Google Cloud including potential additional solutions
  • Arranging content storage, delivery and management for our apps (video, audio)
  • Supporting our teams by integrations, data flows for analytics (e.g. App Store / Google Play purchases etc.)
  • Implement and maintain server-side app logic (authentication, remote configurations, etc.)
  • Opportunity to design and develop back-office tools e.g. for content management


  • Strong experience in leading and implementing the best practices in Firebase & Google Cloud environment
  • As a developer you like being up to date and follow up actively the technology development in your own expertise area and beyond
  • Great collaboration and communication skills


  • Data science & engineering experience (SQL)
  • DevOps and system engineer experience
  • Interest in mobile app development (iOS / Android)
  • Web development experience
  • Love for music!


Our team is super talented and easy-going, set to make an impact in the future of music business. When you join Musopia, please note that playing some musical instrument is not mandatory but there is a fair chance to learn, and you will even get paid for it!

Come work with us and create awesome gamified, music e-learning apps from start to finish. Our team is super talented and easy-going, set to make an impact in the future of music business. We are primarily looking for full-time team member and we can consider remote mode too, depending on your situation and the projects. Our team base is in the center of Helsinki.

Here is your chance to be part of the modern e-learning and music industry! To apply, please submit your application on-line no later than 2nd of May 2020. For further information, please contact Arja Martikainen from Tuesday-Thursday between 1 pm and 3 pm +358407621564.

Wanna hear something straight ahead? Please listen a podcast about us:

About Musopia

Musopia’s team is developing a unique and truly global concept to ease the early steps of learning to play a musical instrument. Based in Helsinki Finland, Musopia is a music software development studio with a mission to help people´s dream of playing an instrument come true. We can help these music lovers become music players with innovative and fun solutions.

We work closely together with some of the biggest names in the music industry who share the same passion for creating engaging and efficient learning experiences, such as the world´s biggest ukulele brand Kala Brand Music and the massively popular online guitar teacher JustinGuitar and other music educators. We have turned towards rapid and strong growth path thanks to our new partnerships and on-going trend around e-learning and application business.