3D Character Artist

PUBLISHED: June 27, 2017
PRACTIGAME OY, Helsinki, Finland

We make games that provide engaging and empowering learning experiences for healthcare
professionals. Now we’re expanding our team of talented people to take our products to the
next level.

We are looking for a 3D Character Artist with a thing for stylized characters. We expect you
have an eye for styles and character designs, which shines through the way you create
characters appealing and reflecting their concepts style and personality. Perhaps you even
make character designs yourself. You’re motivated to better yourself as an artist and you’re
eager to create new solutions to keep and advance a high quality for all characters across all
projects. You’re familiar working with restrictions typical to game development, while making
appealing art.

We’d appreciate if you had an ace of rigging and/or concepting skills in your sleeves, yet
they are not required.

Our pipeline consists of Maya, ZBrush, XNormal and Photoshop, Photoshop being for
texture composition. Whereas Maya knowledge is required, other mentioned softwares are
not mandatory. If you’re excelled in other software that covers the same tasks we’re more
than happy to get you the tools you prefer.
As our products focus on healthcare education, the reference research on the job may
include facing material that is considered disturbing.
Senior Character Artists can and are welcome to apply for the role too. The position can be
tailored accordingly.


  • Great in creating characters based on and according to concept
  • Knowledge of effective high-lowpoly pipeline, knowledge of character creation
    pipeline for games
  • Good understanding of human anatomy
  • Artistic eye for colours and character design
  • Experience in hand-painted texturing
  • Motivation of learning and self-improvement
  • Ability to work both independently and in a group, ability to meet deadlines
  • A portfolio/reel showcasing the skills relevant to the role (if you feel a separate
    assignment would demonstrate the skills for the position better, we can agree on one
  • Experience working on a commercial project (game, TV-series/commercial/film) as a Character Artist
  • Fluent in written and spoken English


  • Good rigging & skinning skills
  • Skills in Character Design & Concepting
  • Experience in rendering and composing commercial still images
  • Fluent in written and spoken Finnish

What we offer:

  • A place to grow as an artist. We want to know of your career goals and do care to
    support you in them. As our products help professionals to make progress in their
    profession, we want to enable the same for our employees.
  • A work/life balance – a workday of over 8 hours is never something that “just
    happens.” It’s always agreed on as a group, never an obligation.
  • Flexible working hours – we have agreed working time so that there’s a daily time all
    members are available, but the starting and ending time is flexible. Days working
    from home can occasionally be agreed on also.
  • A place to make games that have an impact. Our current products help healthcare
    professionals and civilians save lives.

All applicants should send a resume, CV, and a portfolio with the application to
Please address clearly the role you’re applying for. We will read all applications, and answer
each one of them within 30 days.