Games Career Day the 28th of Oct

How to land to your dream job in the Finnish games industry?! Come to listen to insightful seminars and browse the job offers in the participating companies. Check the link here: Games Career Day!

You will find most of the participants and many many others in the Games Jobs Finland also after this event!

What is this all about?!

Finnish Games Career Day gives aspiring candidates an opportunity to get an overview of the Finnish games industry, learn about various career opportunities, virtually meet and interact with HRs of the studios, showcase their talent to recruiting companies, engage in online interviews for open jobs, and ultimately make their next career move.

Even for those not interested in switching jobs right now, this can be an enriching and fun experience to get to know the participating companies and network with gaming professionals from all over the world!

So what else does Finnish Games Career Day have to offer?

You will get to meet participating companies like – Remedy Entertainment, Epic Games, Seriously Digital Entertainment, Fingersoft, Redhill Games, Critical Force, Nitro Games, DoDreams, Panzerdog, Mainframe Industries, Dazzle Rocks and many, many more! Apart from studios’ presentations, we will share information about relocating to Finland and the support you and your family members will get if you decide to accept an opportunity in Finland. You will also hear from participants from past events, who already live and work in Helsinki, about their experiences and they will also answer any questions that you may have.

The event will be online and interactive:

· At the main Stage, participating companies will present themselves, new projects they are working on, talk about company culture, recruitment process and open positions.

· At the expo area, attendees will be able to visit interactive company stands and engage in live sessions with studio representatives.

· On the Career Wall, we will advertise multiple open vacancies from recruiting studios.

· You will be able find representatives of any company by associated tags and chat with them or book an online call.

· You can book and conduct one on one meetings and interviews.

· You can even have a ‘virtual cup of coffee’ with recruiters in the lobby of the event and discuss open opportunities directly with them

How can you join Finnish Games Career Day?

If you are now intrigued and want to join Finnish Games Career Day, then take a couple of minutes to fill out a simple registration form. You can also find the registration link and much more information on the Finnish Games Career Day website. While filling your registration, please indicate your specialization and skills, attach your resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile, portfolio or GitHub profile. We will assess your experience and match you with relevant job opportunities before the event itself. We will accordingly contact you, before the event, about any matching role(s) and invite you to an online interview with our talent specialist at the event.

After filling the registration, you will get an email and a link to the online Pine platform and you can use that link to join the event on 28th October.

To help you get comfortable with the online platform and prepare you to get the most out of the event, we will organize a preparatory WarmUp webinar on October 14th. You will get tips on how to fill up the attendee card and attract the attention of recruiting companies, get an overview of the capabilities of the online platform for the event and get answers to any of your questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you on October 28th!

For more information on Finnish Games Career Day visit