Ubisoft Graduate Program – Project Management (RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio)

PUBLISHED: December 9, 2016
REDLYNX, Helsinki

Are you ready to challenge yourself? We are serious about fun!

“We are RedLynx. We are from Finland. We make games. In the winter, there is darkness. During summer, there is sun. We are RedLynx. We make games. That is all.”

RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio, is a multiplatform game developer based in Helsinki, Finland. With more than 130 employees we are also one of the biggest video game creators in Finland. Since our founding in 2000, we have developed and published more than 100 games on many platforms and our most popular game series, Trials, has sold more than 10 million units.

Since 2011 RedLynx has been part of Ubisoft, the 3rd biggest independent publisher in the world with over 10 000 team members and 96 nationalities spread across 6 continents. Our 29 different studios work hand-in-hand to deliver rich and innovative gaming experiences. We have sold over 500 million games to date and the Ubisoft tie per moustache ratio per square meter is 0,46.

Ubisoft Game Producers lead complex projects and large teams in international and rapidly evolving environments. In order for us to continue delivering highly quality and innovative games we are looking for a Project Manager for the Ubisoft Graduate Program (More information about the program at www.ubisoftgraduateprogram.com).

As a Project Manager your responsibility is to lead complex projects and teams in international and rapidly evolving environments to create successful and innovative games. You demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills. You take on the challenge of supervising and ensuring efficient collaboration between various profiles (designers, artists, animators, programmers, brand managers, etc.), often spread out across several locations. To succeed in highly-competitive markets, you need to demonstrate strong business sense and have a thorough understanding of player expectations. You also oversee the quality of the game, and are responsible for its budget, schedule, and resource planning.

As a member of a game development team, your responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the monitoring of project deliverables and risks to ensure the respect of deadlines, budget and quality
  • Participating in the implementation and the follow-up of the decision-making process
  • Providing relevant reporting to the game development team
  • Contributing to a smooth and efficient communication between all project stakeholders
  • Delivering ad-hoc analysis (benchmark, post-mortem…) and handling ad-hoc missions such as consumer playtests


  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration, economics, project management, engineering, or equivalent with less than one year of experience (excluding internships)
  • Leadership abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Agile, proactive and consumer oriented
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Team player
  • Fluent in English
  • Geographically mobile
  • Interest in video games and/or entertainment industry

Additional information

The Ubisoft Graduate Program is a fast-track into the games industry. It is aimed for graduating students with less than one year of professional experience. The duration of this salaried program is 2 years during which you will be working in two different Ubisoft studios (1 year at RedLynx + 1 year abroad) and will be involved in at least two game projects. Note that you should reside in Finland when you are applying for the program at RedLynx, a Ubisoft Studio.

Find more information about the Ubisoft Graduate Program at www.ubisoftgraduateprogram.com

Application periodDecember 1st 2016 – 5th March 2017

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